From high-level communications planning to the nitty-gritty of writing, editing and film production, if your story matters to you, it matters to us. Here’s just some of what Meads Media can offer:

  • Strategic communications
  • Media liaison
  • Building a media profile
  • Film scripting, direction and production
  • Media training
  • Crisis communications and reputation management
  • Writing and sub-editing website material
  • Copywriting and sub-editing


Coronavirus update:

Meads Media have kept working through the Covid-19 pandemic but our focus changed. We have been able to support our local community, for example, by working for a charity that looks after the isolated and housebound. And we reported on how the faith community responded in practical ways around the country.

Covid is forcing many organisations, businesses and charities to re-think how they ‘do’ communications. We can help with those conversations and find solutions.